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Assisted Living Advocacy Day 3/5/24

We had the opportunity to participate in the Assisted Living Advocacy Day and to talk with Massachusetts Legislators about the key concerns facing the community.  Industry leaders shared their expertise emphasizing the importance of Assisted Living options in providing dignity, quality of life and a homelike supportive environment for the aging population. 

Massachusetts boasts over 270 assisted living communities housing 16,000 residents, making it imperative to address critical issues affecting their well-being.  At the forefront of discussions were:

-       Expansion of Frail Elderly Waiver this MassHealth program enables income-eligible individuals aged 60+ to reside in assisted living communities, promoting access to essential care and support.

-       Amend SB 2527 Bill – the Bill allows nurses at assisted living communities to provide basic health services to their residents such as oxygen management, insulin injections, simple wound care etc.  The amendment to the proposed bill would allow each community to decide which nursing service they can offer based on their staffing skills and capabilities.

-       Extension of COVID-19 executive order for Assisted Living Residences – with the current order set to expire on 3/31/24, it is crucial to extend the flexibility in skilled care staffing and training.  This will ensure resident care continuity given the nursing shortage.

State lawmakers were made aware of these pivotal issues underscoring the urgency of extending the time-sensitive executive order to safeguard resident well-being.  This would mitigate the risk of premature nursing home transfers, easing burden on family members who may need to come to administer care to their loved one or arrange for these services to be delivered via a third party.  


The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical, legal, insurance, financial or any other professional advice.







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