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Celebrating National Senior Independence Month with 5 exercises

On this leap day we celebrate the conclusion of the National Senior Independence Month.  As we reflect on the significance of empowering older adults in our community to embrace their independence, while receiving the support they need to live their best and happiest lives. At Provital, we are honored to play a part in this celebration by continuing our mission to provide exceptional care and assistance to seniors, enabling them to thrive in their golden years.

Here are 5 exercises when done for 10-20 minutes daily can help with balance, posture & cognition:

1.     Tai Chi: This gentle martial art focuses on slow, flowing movements and deep breathing, promoting balance, flexibility, and mental clarity.

2.     Chair Yoga: Modified yoga poses performed with the support of a chair, ideal for seniors with limited mobility. Chair yoga improves focus, strength, and relaxation.

3.     Aqua Fit: Water-based exercises provide low-impact resistance training, enhancing cardiovascular health, flexibility and balance.

4.     Mindful Meditation: Practicing mindfulness improves cognitive function, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being.

5.     Brisk Walking: A simple yet effective exercise for seniors, brisk walking promotes cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and mental alertness.

Join us as we celebrate senior independence today and every day to honor the resilience, strength, and spirit of our elders. Together, let's empower older adults to live life to the fullest, every step of the way.


The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical, legal, insurance, financial or any other professional advice.


seniors taking a brisk walk by the water



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